The AquaBit Solution

Using Blockchain Technology to Adaptively Mange Water Resources.

AquaBit is the new age of water management.

One that acknowledges water as a property right, rewards good behavior, and fills a finance gap to address the urgent need for solutions.

Distributed Ledger Technology and Smart Contracts provide solutions to some of the current challenges facing the security of global water supply..

Power of AquaBit and Blockchain

Tokenization Benefits

Blockchain changes the basic fundamentals of water resources management. It provides a water accounting system connected across artificial government boundaries.

The AquaBit project applies blockchain technology to solve demanding issues facing the availability of clean water in the world today. AquaBit provides to the crypto-community a use case for the tokenization of water and a new natural resource management model to encourage participatory governance over a shared natural resource. AquaBit provides to the water resource community a new set of tools to better encourage conservation and provide financing for infrastructure and water quality projects.

AquaBit Token Economy

Token: H2OBit

Participation in the token economy provides to the AquaBit community access to water conservation incentives, financing for infrastructure and water quality projects:

(1) Water Credit – Peer to peer transactions for conservation

(2) Water Quality and Infrastructure – Innovative crowdfunding for projects.

(3) Oracle – Ledger editing rights.

All projects are on the AquaBit Platform.

A New Natural Resources Model

Current Issues in Water

The challenges facing water are too big for any small group with limited geography to handle on their own. Traditional systems don’t confront the current challenges in water management, they comfort and reinforce disconnected decision-making over a shared resource. As traditional regulatory and management systems are not going anywhere any time soon, new information systems must be developed to better organize available water data and democratize access to water markets globally.

Minimum Viable Product


A distributed ledger is key to the viability of the AquaBit token economy. Artificial intelligence needs data. With data on water title and empirical pricing it’s possible to automate smart contracts and verify proof of work in conservation and water quality projects. Bottom line, if you can’t quantify it, you can’t measure it, and you don’t know the impact you are having on the goal.

Aquabit uses information to transcend regulatory boundaries. The AquaBit project will create a super platform by which we can democratize access to adaptive management decision making. The MVP is proof of concept that the data needed by AI is available and can be assembled in a distributed ledger. AquaBit will use AI to promote decision making, automated verification, and to automate processes to incentive conservation and fund projects.


The AquaBit Solution

Key Benefits

Provides proof that blockchain technology and a tokenized economy can change natural resource management using a multi-jurisdictional incentive model. Rewards conservation and treatment efforts. Builds trust between antagonistic competitors.

Financial Benefits

Connects consumers to water project funding. Verifiable water prices and development of a global water index. Registry of projects grouped for funding efficiencies. Provides transparency to the water supply chain.

Water Resources Benefits

Adaptive management incentives. Multi-jurisdiction consensus building. Water permit tracking tools. Hydrologically grouped data for inclusion into scientific analysis.

AquaBit Token

Utility Token Offering

The token enables citizens and organizations to encourage water conservation and invest in water infrastructure and quality projects globally. Nodes verify the distributed ledger and receive payment in tokens in return. Water title and transaction data is managed by the AquaBit community Oracles.
31 October 2018


Limited Negotiated Sales
15 January 2019


Second Round Pre Sale
28 February 2019


Released in triggered rounds as purchased coins reach milestones
Join Our Private Pre-Sale List
Starting 31 October 2018
  • Token Symbol H2OBit
  • Token Sale Start 31 October 2018
  • ICO End January 2020
  • Private Pre Sale Token Price $0.03 USD
  • Public Pre Sale Token Price $0.05 USD

Token Allocation

Total AquaBit Tokens: 1,000,000,000

10% Pre Sale
30% ICO
15% Node Development
10% Founders Team
25% Reserve Fund
5% iHeart Water
5% Bounty

Road Map

AquaBit Project Launch


February 2018
Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Completed
March 2018
MVP Beta Web Access
  • WaterNinja
  • Transaction Data Launched
September 2018 website
  • Launched
October 2018
  • Public financing & Seed funding raised
February 2019
Initial Coin Offering
  • ICO Press Tour
  • Open global sales
February 2021
Build-out first-run distributed ledger
February 2021
Build TestNet
March 2021
Bounty campaign kickoff
  • running through September 2021
October 2021
MainNet launch
November 2021
AquaNet Platform
  • Campaign kick-off
Meet The Team

AquaBit Management Team

AquaBit is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. iHeartWater®, a registered 501(c)(3), is the foundation in charge of governance for the token community. iHeartWater® is also responsible for ensuring a trust for conservation deposits. Water Markets LLC is the operating company charged to produce the MainNet and First Generation Distributed Ledger. Both iHeartWater® and Water Markets LLC are incorporated in the state of Texas, United States of America.

Anastasia Valdes

Managing Director of Water Markets LLC.

Greg Goodrich
Project Champion

Executive Director of Water Markets LLC.

Jason Hancock
Operations Lead

Operations Officer of Water Markets LLC.

Tyronne McCreary
Tech Lead

Chief Tech Officer of Water Markets LLC.

Amy Rancier
Governance Board

Executive Director iHeartWater

Allison Hancock
Governance Board

Board Member iHeartWater

Jay Mong
Governance Board

Board Member iHeartWater


Frequently asked questions

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According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, "Unsafe water kills more people each year than war and all other forms of violence combined. Meanwhile, our drinkable water sources are finite: Less than 1 percent of the earths freshwater is actually accessible to us. Without action, the challenges will only increase by 2050, when global demand for freshwater is expected to be one-third greater than it is now."

A key obstacle to effective water natural resource management is the total number of water regulators, each producing disconnected unstandardized data based on political, not hydrological nor ecological, boundaries. The history of water resource management has created a dependency on these political systems locally. There’s a lot of publicly available data but the data is not easy to find and because it’s distributed among tens of thousands of regulators (in the USA alone) it’s allowed consumers and the private sector to be largely oblivious to water. Consumers are locked out of management decision making. Water is ignored as a property right. Title may or may not contain language specific to water, banks do not consider the future availability of water when issuing loans, and neither water nor water rights are insurable by title insurance.

AquaBit is a utility token. The token enables citizens and organizations to encourage water conservation and invest in water infrastructure and quality projects globally. Nodes verify the distributed ledger and receive payment in tokens in return. Water title and transaction data is managed by the AquaBit community Oracles.

AquaBit will integrate MasterNodes into the governance model, to contribute computing power and secure the blockchain from network attacks. MasterNodes are paid using a proof of service model. This is in addition to the Proof of Stake done by retail token holders. Both MasterNodes and retail Proof of Stake holders are to be rewarded with tokens in exchange for their service to the AquaBit community.


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